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Municipal Solid Waste Evacuation & Disposal Services

We offer refuse disposal service for  Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) with state of the art equipment. We strive for excellence while delivering quality services that meet our client’s needs. We evacuate and dispose refuse promptly.

Office Cleaning Services

We understand that the look and ambiance of the workplace makes a bold statement on business brands and set the mood right for working. it can be the difference between a competent and non-competent Organization. That’s why we at Specrouters limited with a dedicated team offer top-notch office cleaning services that leave your workplace sparkling clean and smelling fresh to give you the confidence that matches your brand requirements.


Sewage Evacuation Services

Odor from a sewage-filled tank can be uncomfortable. it fowls the freshness of the air and makes your space unbearable to stay in. Our sewage evacuation services are designed to save you the trauma and drama. we deliver to you a prompt and quality service.

Streets Sweeping and Drainage Cleaning

Streets are not left out on the list of a tranquil environment. Clean streets are evidently admirable and leave our environment feeling special. Clean Drainages, on the other hand, improves environmental conditions & stability as it allows for a free flow of water to avoid flooding or stagnant water bodies that may encourage the breeding of mosquitoes and other harmful microbes. We offer thorough Street and Drainage cleaning services.


In order to keep our environment safe from non-biodegradables. We recycle plastic used bottles and packing materials for reuse as raw materials.

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